At Families First, every child has the opportunity to:

  • Participate in activities that are both quiet and active, teacher-directed and child-initiated, and indoor and outdoor using a variety of equipment and materials
  • Work and play in a safe, loving atmosphere with children of the same age, always under direct supervision
  • Establish positive and caring relationships with both adults and other children
  • Develop a curiosity for the world around them by asking questions, trying new ideas, providing input and feeling good about their efforts of response
  • Develop a positive self-esteem which allows independence in the pursuit of learning through problem-solving and the confidence to try things on their own
  • Challenge their physical and intellectual abilities
Class Detail
  • Age Range6 weeks - 12 months
  • Teacher/Child Ratio1:4
  • Capacity
  • Duration
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    Physical Development

    • Adequate rest - sleep as necessary for each child
    • Movement - encouraging crawling and walking
    • Balance - supportive sitting, encouraging rolling over, swings, chairs and infant seats

    Intellectual Development

    • Language – talking and singing to child during all interactions
    • Cognitive – showing cause/effect
    • Creativity – stimulating the environment through sounds, music, textures, books

    Emotional Development

    • Security – responding to expressed needs
    • Love – touching, caressing, holding during feeding, changing, and play

    Social Development

    • Behavioral skills – separating children during disagreements and over activity. They cannot yet mediate themselves.