Our values

Welcome to Families First!

Families First is honored to have the chance to serve your family. We are a licensed child care center in Waverly, Iowa caring for children from six weeks to 12 years of age. 

Our Vision: Supporting the Whole Family by Caring for Your Children

Our Mission: We are dedicated to helping families develop deeper connections by providing the highest quality childcare and support services based on Christian principles.


Our objectives

Every child has an opportunity to:

  • Participate in activities that are both quiet and active, teacher-directed and child-initiated, and indoor and outdoor using a variety of equipment and materials
  • Work and play in a safe, loving atmosphere with children of the same age, always under direct supervision
  • Establish positive and caring relationships with both adults and other children
  • Develop a curiosity for the world around them by asking questions, trying new ideas, providing input and feeling good about their efforts of response
  • Develop a positive self-esteem which allows independence in the pursuit of learning through problem-solving and the confidence to try things on their own
  • Challenge their physical and intellectual abilities